Lv 143 ルーインウォーカー
Lv 147 ミンストレル
 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

If you see there is any untranslated section, its mean it is either I got lazy or I forgot about it or I was not able to translated due to not knowing the OGP terminology

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Anyone still remember the Voice Changing Ring?
First Round Voice Change
Well now they are doing their 2nd round of Voice Changing Ring!

First of they have reveal one male and one female voices (Preview are coming soon)
Male: Miyano Mamoru
(Death Note: Yagami Light, Gundam 00: Setsuna F Seiei)
Female: Tange Sakura
(Card Captor Sakura: Kinomoto Sakura, Love Plus: Kobayagawa Rinko, Aquarion EVOL:Crea Dolosera )
You can check
Click Here

Still 4 more Voice Actor to reveal.

テーマ:トキメキファンタジー ラテール - ジャンル:オンラインゲーム

Update: 13/6/12
Gamepot has finally updated their homepage and revealed their collaboration sets.


Anyone fan of Inuyasha?

Well here we go.

Gamepot has started another Collaboration Project with Inuyasha

Official Page

As written in the page, the Collaboration starts on June 13th Japan Time.


テーマ:トキメキファンタジー ラテール - ジャンル:オンラインゲーム

Gamepot LaTale Season 2 coming soon


Click Here

Link provide video clip and official Season 2 Page.

Video Clip contain some update feature such as changes between attacking motion, map, new class.

Click the image to zoom in. It show you the different resolution

Part of the Update before Season2 come, one of the past contest Fashion design has been implement to the game

Design by Kotobi
[Shiranui Costume]

テーマ:トキメキファンタジー ラテール - ジャンル:オンラインゲーム

Gamepot Major Update Monster Tower 2nd [February 8th 2012]

I just realize that Japan follow pretty much the same as Korea, the only different is that Japan doesn't label Major update as Episode like Korea.
So from now on if I ever do Japan update there would be no Episode on it.

■ Monster Tower Expand! New Quest, New Item!

 ○ You can now challenge Monster Tower from 131F to 200F.

   Approax. 70 different monster from Lv141 to Lv210. Each 10F have Boss Mosnter.
   Paying Ely to Monster Tower Lobby NPC you can move to the next stage of cleared stage.

  ※From this update, there is now entrance limit of 3 times per day.
    It will reset every day around 4:30am to 4:40am
    If you were on during the refresh time, you would need to re login to actually get the refresh
  ※Each time you enter the stage, it will count as change channel.
    For those who using Food Buff please be careful.

 ○ 10 New Quest for Monster Tower Added.

    Monster Tower Lobby NPC and BigApple NPC gives
    new quests that added.

 ○ New Item Added!
  http://puu.sh/gsr7 Monster Tower Warp Capsule Elias Misc NPC sell for 3,000ELY
When use you move to Monster Tower Lobby.
  http://puu.sh/gsrd Monster Tower 2nd Ring For those who succesfully complete the Monster Tower 2nd.
http://puu.sh/gsri Monster Tower XP Potions When used you gain XP
  http://puu.sh/gsrl Mini Refresh Holy Water When used Option Refresh at Elias NPC Tonio,
the success rate increase 20% for 10min.
※Does not use time during log out
※Drop from certain map monster.
  http://puu.sh/gsrp Mantle Upgrade Kit Lv2
Mantle Upgrade Kit (Sub) Lv2 
Can upgrade +5 Mantle to +6 Mantle+5
XXF's Secret Book(Part1/Part2) Secret Book written about Monster Tower 2nd
Can register to Item Index.

  ■ Fashion Shop New Items!

○ Won't be scared anymore!? Refresh Holy Water

   http://puu.sh/gsrl When used Option Refresh at Elias NPC Tonio,
the success rate increase to 100% for 10min.
※Does not use time during log out

 ○ Stealth Series New Item! Magic Stealth Mantle

   http://puu.sh/gsrQ    When equip, your mantle will disappear.

         ※Engineer Case, Wizard type Case, SubClass Case will not disappear.

 ○ Fluffy hair New Pet Husky!

http://puu.sh/gss3 http://puu.sh/gss7
Lv5 to Lv9 Lv10 to Lv20

 <Husky's Skill>
  1)Auto Item Loot (Lv5)
  2)Phys/Magic Accuracy Rate 5% to 15% Up (Lv10: Active Skill)
  3)Movement Speed 2 to 7% (Lv15: Passive Skill)
  ※Cannot be stack with same catergories pet (i.e. Priring Phys/Mag Accuracy)

 ○ Choky take care your shop! Shop Substitution Ticket

http://puu.sh/gssc [Choky]Shop Substitution Ticket
http://puu.sh/gssg [Choky]Mini Shop Substitution Ticket
http://puu.sh/gssm http://puu.sh/gssq
  [Choky] or [ChibiChoky] will take care of your shop while you go out to journey.
  Shop Substitution can be open at City or Free Market.
  Shop Substitution Ticket has Time Limit of 7 days, and it will start as soon as you buy from Fashion Shop.
 【How to use it】
  1)Click the Ticket item in your Item Window to Open Shop Window
  2) Type the Title Name.
  3) Put the Items you would like to sell
  4) Set your Price ※Be careful with digits!
  5) If you think everything look right click the Open Shop, items that been sold, Ely will be sent to your Post

   ※When your Post is full, you cannot open the Shop.
   ※Can only open up to One Shop
   ※Can only used during you're log in.

  6)If you like to close your Shop, click the Ticket again,
    which give you a message if you like to close it, then click Yes.
    ※Log out also automatically close the shop too.


  ■ Valkyire Weapon Abilities has changed.

 ○ All Valkyrie Weapon Basic Attack has upgrade.

 ○ When upgrading weapon, there will be now up to 5 FX effect
FX Upgrade
Lv1 +4+4
Lv2 +7 +6
Lv3 +10 +8
Lv4 +11 +10
Lv5 New +11

 ○ When Weapon fail to upgrade, the weapon itself will not break until +5
    [+4→+5] You will only lose your materials when fail.
    [+5→+6] From here on you will lose both weapon and materials.

 ○ The following weapon effect, abilities has been change.

   [Valkyrie Sword / Valkyrie Hammer / Valkyrie Clow]
    * Change from Phys Min Damage to Phys Max Damage.
    * From +4 Phys Damange Defense change to Critical Damage.

   [Valkyrie Staff / Valkyrie Orb]
    *Change from Magic to Water/Fire/Wind/Earth Element.

   [Valkyrie Guitar]
    * Upgraded Water Element number.

   [Valkyrie Arrow / Valkyrie CrossBow . Valkyrie Dagger]
    * From +4 Phys Min Damage has changed to Phys Max Damage.

   [Valkyrie Magnum]
    * From +4 Target Defence Decrease has been upgraded.

テーマ:トキメキファンタジー ラテール - ジャンル:オンラインゲーム

Japan version of Latale Update Episode 10 [2011 December 21st]
This is only part of the update.
Also not to confuse people, this update was last year December, I just post this up to fill up my blank space.

Also Japan Version Latale has just recently update to Episode 11 Monster Tower 2 which just recently update their homepage so that mean I would have to make another topic...

Cradle of Star Lililu

El Anorl Plain East Area

During your travel, you have reach to the legend land in Star Town "Lililu", who given an request to help Lililu for intruder investigation by Star Dwarf "Taphie"

While you were investigating the area, the player will found out that Pandora that you once fought back in Poe Mansion, she has been planning on something...

Episode 10
New Map

Episode 10
New Dungeon

Episode 10
New Reputation
New Reputation Area, "Star's Guardian" has been added.
In this area, there is an item "Star Protection Box"
When you open it, you can gain items randomly such as index cards or soul urns.

There are many other new items to gain!!

Episode 10
Episode 10
Episode 10
New Monster

Episode 10
Gender Change System
Gender change System added!
Can't marry your best mate?
Well now you can change gender, why don't you use this opportunity.

Episode 10
Fishing System
Slightly different experience from defeat monster and level up!
By doing fishing you can get many different fish.
Exchanging your fish will give you random items boxes.
Inside that box, you can get rare items or complete new item that you never seen before!?

Episode 10
Item Index System
Item Index which register every time you been collecting!
By collecting items you character get stronger?!

In this index, it will record monster's drop item or battle equip!

*Item Index can be register by Ignite in ELias.

Episode 10
Episode 10
New Items
Ruseria Mantle
Ench Opt Lv12
Phys Max Damage: +10%
Mag Max Damage: +10%
Sta: +50
Luk: +100

Ruseria Earrings
Ench Opt Lv Lv12
Str +50
Mag +50
Crit Rate +1%
Mag Crit Rate +1%

Hero King Mantle
Ench Opt Lv Lv12
Phys Crit Damage +12%
Mag Crit Damage +12%
Mag +150
Sta +150

Hero King Ring
Ench Opt Lv 13
Phys Crit Rate +3%
Mag Crit Rate +3%
Target Def Dec +5%
Target Mag Res Dec +5%

Hero King Theseus Yellow Gem
Ench Opt Lv 10
Luk +70
Sta +70

Hero King Theseus Blue Gem
Ench Opt Lv 10
Max SP +300
Max HP +300

Hero King Theseus Red Gem
Ench Opt Lv 10
Str +70
Mag +70

Hero King Theseus Rainbow Gem
Ench Opt Lv 10
Phys Damage +50
Mag Damage +50

Episode 10
Episode 10
Episode 10
Related NPC

Episode 10
Enchant Upgrade

Enchant Upgrade
There is now item can increase success rate of enchanting!
It is plan to release these items from "Star Guardian Box" or "Parchment" type of items.
Some items can be enchant up to Lv13

Level Down Enchant Upgrade!
There are item to increase success rate of downgrading!
It is plan to release these items from certain monster in games.
Level Down Enchant can now downgrade from lv10 to 15

テーマ:トキメキファンタジー ラテール - ジャンル:オンラインゲーム

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