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 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

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It is October already, HappyOz will almost reveal the October edition update information.
But before that it seems like I haven't wrote up the September edition.

September Iris's Prediction (may upload the image version in future)

1. Quest Renewal
1.1 Renewal to every quests and changes in reward
It is almost like saying "forget all the quests you remember"
We will be renewal the whole quests.
Say goodbye to all extreme hard quest and crappy reward
Look forward to the new renewal quests
i.e after completing the IN dungeon quests, you will receive IN armor for rewards

1.2 Multi Mission are available
At certain area you can now do multi quests at once [Multi Mission]
which lead to time efficiency and reduce boring time in latale

1.3 Quests receive from Restaurant
Daily Quest / Random / Request Quests will be change to receive in Restaurant
You will must go to Restaurant in each village now+_+)

1.4 Quest receive from Field NPC
Do you always have to receive quest from town?
Well not anymore!
There will be NPC you can meet in field to do quest as well

2 Auto Mission
When playing latale if you clear the certain requirement
quest will automatically! (this is the keyword!) appear.
Wow~! If we have this auto mission we will don't need to go around
looking for the quests now.
I wonder at what time will the auto mission occur

3 Reveal NPC Quest
Kind NPC introduce! Since NPC are all line up in a row
in order to find the right NPC, I would need to run around to find them.
But now pressing area map (Short-cut Key M) you can now see NPC with cleared quest (mark as check mark) and NPC with new quest (mark as ! mark)

4 Quest Progress Display
[Real time Quest Progress Display]
When you do many quest at once and you are displaying each of those quest
it was kind of hard to see what exactly you were doing
With the renewal change you can check the quest requirement a lot more
easier. Wow~ grind can be more fun

5. Quest Guide
"Quest~ Quest~ Where are you?"
Didn't you ever feel a pain from a quest where you're not sure where to go?
Well listen up carefully for this
Now in quest window will now can check the location of new quest!

Also, you can check the location of the quest related area too
This mean that you can become a quest master for sure~

6. New Class Name Reveal
Soul Breaker, Soul Reaver, Soul Lord

Okay for the October, there is no official information out yet (should be very soon)
However, there is a rumor information leaked from certain blog.

And that is Monster Tower Season 2

Tower will expand to 200 Floor
The boss name seem like Beetle King
There may be agency shop license (possibly you leave a person in shop to sell for you while you can go out to grind?)
Also for the new Class
Possible uses a weapon called Soul Stone
Soul Breaker, Soul Reaver, and Soul Lord all uses this weapon.

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