Lv 143 ルーインウォーカー
Lv 147 ミンストレル
 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

If you see there is any untranslated section, its mean it is either I got lazy or I forgot about it or I was not able to translated due to not knowing the OGP terminology

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Update 29th October: List for Monster added

Note: I'm really busy right now, so I only put up the information, list will come later once I'm free.

Episode 11 - Monster Tower Season 2


October 19th Update

#Drop Rate in Monster Tower's Monster Tower Exp Potion are double (130F and above only)

#Belos Misc Shop sell Monster Tower Caps for 100 Ely

#Agent Store Ticket added to Fashion Shop
Certain Pet appear and open your shop, while you can go out wherever you want.

If you log out, shop will disappear.

Monster Tower 131F to 200F

*name that I just translate directly because some of them it doesn't exist in OGP yet and don't know the name because of English Wiki hasn't updated.

- 70 new monster added
Lv140 to Lv210 monster will appear
with more exp rate.

-New floor are same as previous system
10 Floor comes with 1 boss
defeating the boss will save your floor info
which allow you to move to that floor by elevator

-The new floor will have instance dungeon limit of 3 times
limit are split into each 10F
i.e 131 to 140 limit of 3 times, 141 to 150 limit of 3 times

-New Floor rest room have monster tower exp potion at certain rate

-From 172F, there is ? Box locate in centre that constantly spawn strong monster
Flame of Nue Lv171 and such

-From 192F on both side of the room, laser cannon appear
that deal damage when you touch the laser.

#131F to 160F: Monster Tower Small EXP Potion (When use, 40M EXP)
#161F to 190F: Monster Tower Medium EXP Potion (When use, 70M EXP)
#190F+: Monster Tower Large EXP Potion (When use, 200M EXP)

New Item Added

New Floor drop new index item added.

*List will come later

- When completing Monster Tower 200F
you will receive Monster Tower Season 2 Ring

Monster Tower Ring Season 2
Monster Tower Ring Season 2

When equip Monster Tower True Completer FX
All Status +55
All Status +5%

When clearing every 10 floor you can receive mantle that can
upgrade to +6, Mantle Upgrade Kit Lv2 and SC Mantle Upgrade Lv2
from award box.

Mantle Upgrade Kit Lv2
Mantle Upgrade Kit
Item require for upgrading from +5 to +6

SC Mantle Upgrade Kit Lv2
SC Mantle Upgrade Kit
Item require for upgrading Sub Class mantle from +5 to +6

New Boss Monster added

Beetle King
Beetle King

7 New Quest Added
New monster tower monster quests added.
Quest can be obtain from Monster Tower Lobby NPC Alen

*Quest Requirement LV are Lv150, LV160, Lv170, Lv180, Lv190, Lv195

#List will come later


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