Lv 143 ルーインウォーカー
Lv 147 ミンストレル
 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

If you see there is any untranslated section, its mean it is either I got lazy or I forgot about it or I was not able to translated due to not knowing the OGP terminology

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Big update since Xenedia came out.
Since Colosseum came out, all those Special Item became really useless now.
And it looks like they know that since there is no Special Items in this new map.
Just another place to grind and gain XP.

Once again all resource from Yuuki-chan from <here>

New Map "Chukkumi Shrine" has been added.

-Chukkumi Shrine is a lv130~lv150 Monster zone.
To get there would need to take a airplane from Elias Airport

-Chukkumi Shrine has 127 different quests and 12 different types of monsters.



Brief detail of Boss Monster

Chukkumi UFO has really high HP
and also does damage around 1k~2k
it took ages and hard work for a lv148 Minstrel to do Solo.

*Contain English name on it.

Chukkumi Shrine

At the Chukkumi Shrine Entrance there is a NPC called "Mr. Saiam" who sells item and have quest.
You can also buy Chukkumi Shrine Capsule here.

*Saiam is what jLT call Siam in OGP. Usually jLT change name that easier for them to say it out. However kLT seems like called this NPC Mr.Saiam (not sure if kLT Siam is actually called Saiam or not)

Quiz System (Thanks to my Korean friend K-san for helping me translate it)

-You can join in the quiz at every 3:00 6:00 9:00 (I believe pm)

Step 1 If the time limit for using the quiz is almost up, there will be an announcement appear on the chat window.

Step 2. When it is time for entry, a Quiz button will pop up on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.
- Please click 'Quiz' to move to the Quiz screen.
- The Quiz button stays visible for 1 min. , and disappears once you enter a new map area.
- Even if the button disappears while you're using the 'Quiz', if you move channels, the button will reappear and you can use the Quiz function again. (You can go from the question you were previously on/doing)

Step 3. Have fun doing the questions that come out.
- You can score more points, compared to choosing the correct answers at very high speed. - Although you can score double the amount of points compared to using the 'Chance' function, if you happen to get a question wrong, 10 points will be deducted, so be careful.
- Once you clear a total of 30 questions, the quizroom automatically terminates, and you'll receive the exp. points you accumulated. (If you leave before the quizroom automatically terminates, you won't gain any of the exp.!)
- The higher your quiz score, the higher your exp. will be.


Screen Guide:

A. Details of the question
B. View options/choose answers
C. Time remaining
D. Ranking/Score
E. Click to use 'Chance'

Keep in Mind:
-Entry is forbidden in some areas such as Instance Dungeons.
-You can't receive rewards if you leave in the middle of a quiz session.
- There is a buffer time even while entering a quiz.
- After the buffer time has ended for all participants, you will be kicked if all participants happen to be buffering while returning to the Monument of Return???(For example: Buffering while entering the Guild reward room, Coa entry limit buffer) My Note: Sorry about this line, my friend wasn't sure what this line meant and also he does not play this game.
- All functions aside from chatting will be disabled once you enter a quizroom.
- The quiz function may not work depending on the situation, and the quiz times may change as well.
- In the case of a draw in terms of score, the winner will be decided by how fast you took to answer the questions.

I seriously wanted to translate the some example of quiz.
But the quiz were not related to Latale. They are more of general question.
However the difficulty of the quiz is way beyond for kids.
To be honest these quiz are more advantage for Adults.
And I reckon there are question that even Adults probably don't know.

Lemme translate one easy question.

What is the strongest Jewel on Earth and are called the King of Jewelry?
1. Diamond
2. Emerald
3. Ruby
4. Pumpkin
5. Cement

The other example were got to with like Government spending, or one was about Planet

New Fashion Items in Fashion Shop.

201004211413306ec.png 20100421182826809.png

*Fashion that has red on it for guys and blue on it for girls.

Other Changes

-Penalty for leaving Guild
After you leave a guild you will not be able to join another guild or create your own guild for 3 day. This is to prevent people switching Guild for Guild Crop.

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