Lv 143 ルーインウォーカー
Lv 147 ミンストレル
 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

If you see there is any untranslated section, its mean it is either I got lazy or I forgot about it or I was not able to translated due to not knowing the OGP terminology

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Since we are now up to Episode 7, was a bit wondering what was the past episode.
From my memory back when I used to play jLT Open Beta test, it was sure so different when I started to play OGP Latale, like map layout were different at the start, and some layout of window were changed and such.

So here is the list of the Episode based on kLT Official Site (since I couldn't find the Japan Site)
Do note that these Episode are not the same as OGP (because I have no idea but they just like to mess thing around with Episode which end up not releasing some contents)

Episode 1 – Iris Livier

1. Scenario Quest
2. Equipment up to Lv130
3. Craft System
4. Guild System
5. Combo System
6. Chatting Macro System
7. Changing Skill Learning System
8. Fashion Shop Open

Episode 2 – Atlantis

1. 2nd Class System
2. New Map Atlantis
3. PvP System
4. Abio Club
5. New Haunted Ship

Episode 3 – ChonPalm

1. Class Armor
2. New map Midgard, Big Apple, Aquarium, Bifrost, Kimaira Research.
3. Auction System
4. Chatting Room System
5. Guild Level System.

Episode 3.2 – Toad’s Island

1. New Map Toad’s Island
2. Item Decrease Level System
3. Ely version Fashion Shop
4. 10 Level Below Quest gives “!” mark
5. Auction System (update)
6. Craft System (update)
7. User Information Renewal

Episode 4 – Steel City

1. New Class Engineer, Miester
2. New Map Steel City, Factory
3. Marriage System
4. New System Summon Player (IR transport), Self Revive, Pets (Non-Ugly Egg), Party PvP

(Bongolle Train was shown in PV (and it's 3D too) so I believe Train was release at this update)

Episode 4.2 – Time Traveller

1. New Map Fairy Tail, Time Zone, etc.
1. Tonio Option Re-assemble
2. Fashion Shop Search Function

Episode 5 – Hell’s Door

1. New Map Asgard, Space Shuttle
2. Guild Crop

Episode 5.2 – Monster Colosseum

1. Monster Colosseum
2. Beginner Level decrease Difficulty

Episode 6 – Xenedia

1. New Map Xenedia
2. 3rd Class

Episode 6.2 – Chukkumi Shrine

1. New Map Chukkumi Shrine
2. Quiz System

Episode 7 – Land of the Sky

1. New World Map?
2. Sub Class
3. Guild Association

Note: Not every single thing are mention as it take too much time to retype everything in Korean then translating it.

jLT has just updated to 6.2 Chukkumi Shrine. We're at 5.2 Monster Colosseum, so our next update will definitely Episode 6 Xenedia which has 3rd Class (since we started to go in order of episode now)

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