Lv 143 ルーインウォーカー
Lv 147 ミンストレル
 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

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On December 16th OGP at last releases one of the Latale biggest update "Xenadia".
In this update they releases a huge new map, as well as what we've been waiting for the 3rd Class are implemented too! From level 140 you can become even more stronger than what you used to have from 2nd Classes.

-Becoming 3rd Classes are long journey. Over 40 different quests to complete.
To become 3rd Classes you have to be lv140 or above and also complete job quests. However these job quests can be start from lv139, if you didn't receive any death penalty you should gain enough Exp to level up to 140 which is very generous.

Anyway, Job Quests. There are about 40 quests to complete, first half are common quests between different jobs, and second half will depends on your current job. I guess becoming 3rd Job aren't that easy compare to 2nd Job, more challenging.

Now Job Quests are generally killing monsters or collecting items from Xenadia map. This may sound easy however Xenadia make these quests more difficult. Reason why is because Xenadia would be the largest map out there. Plus monsters in this map are some what pretty strong too so if your not careful you might get gang up easily.

2nd Half are also quite similar to first half but there are some quest doesn't involve Xenadia. There are quests that require you to go out to the normal field or dungeon or even go to Instance Dungeon which can be more work to do. There are even Boss room in Xenadia which you have to solo them. This is really difficult if your doing this at lv139 and I've seen many people die by one hit KO.

Job Quest sound really tough and annoying but the reward is extremely awesome, 3rd Job. Also nice thing about the Job Quest is that it give you tones of Ely as well which allow you to gain back certain amount of Ely you spend on Ely Skill as when you skill reset your classes these Skill will disappear and no refund what so ever. Also you will get one Professional Skill Reset book, very generous because you have one chance to try out the new skills.

-3rd Classes give you new Gauge
When you job advance to 3rd job, you will gain a new special gauge. This is different depend on your class too. This special gauge uses for some new skills and the way to obtain are vary. For example CP which is Combo Point, if you keep your combo CP gauge will fill up however if your combo stop the gauge will go back to 0.
New Skills that requires this new gauge have a really nice flashy skills and they are strong too, by able to use the skill make the battle more fun and challenging.

-Difference between 2nd job to 3rd job
Just like how 1st job run differently to 2nd job, 3rd Job give you symbol under your feet which represent that you are 3rd job to other players. Also running motion has been upgraded as well as idle motion. Some of the classes may look more cooler than before.

-New Map means New Monsters, New Music, more fun
Personally, I do like the new monsters they have release in Xenadia. Half of them are base of human players like the Mage and such, some of them are redesign version of current existing monsters.
The background music for Xenadia were nicely compose. It really does feel some sort of ancient atmosphere, it draws you into the game. I rather have more these kind of music than rock band sort of music.

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