Lv 143 ルーインウォーカー
Lv 147 ミンストレル
 Lv144 マエストロ
Lv 117 ガンスリンガー
Lv  80 ブレイダー

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■New System [Monster Index] Added
Every monster will drop [○○○○'s Index Card] at certain rate.


※○○○○ = Each Monster's Name

Each Monster have their own abilities, using the Index Card and
if successfully register on your Index, you will gain that abilities.
Though, Index Card is consume item, so even if it doesn't register it will disappear.
Also, the more you register your Monster Card, the more your abilities will increase.

You can check your current Monster Index status by clicking the [Menu] then [Monster Index]
on the bottom right corner of your game screen,
Also, you can put it in your shortcut key so you can check it by clicking one bottun.

Such as 5th Tier Scroll related Monster, Colosseum Monster are not part of the Index Card.
Using Index Card can fail to register.
Drop rate and Success Rate will depend on Monster, there are some card that are hard to get it

■New Map [El Arnol Mountain Area] and [Aircraft Ship Corrupted Area] added
【El Arnol Mountain Area】
Mountain Area that cover around El Arnol Plain.
Valor Race Hilein lives here.

【Aircraft Ship Corrupted Area】
At the end of the El Arnol Mountain Area, where Empire Army Aircraft Ship Corrupted.
The area has been crowded by the army.

To get to [El Arnol Mountain area] you will go from [Void Ocean Area 3]
To get to [Aircraft Ship Corrupted Area] you will go from [El Arnol Mountain Area Area 4]

※To get inside Aircraft Ship Corrupted Area's Boss room, has the limit of entering once per day.

■New Quest Added.
New Map [El Arnol Mountain Area] and [Aircraft Ship Corrupted Area] has many new quest added.
New Quest can be obtain from Guild Association Area NPC Einst or Void Ocean Area 3 NPC Guild Association Guard.

■16 New Monster Added.
In New Map there is 14 Common Monster, 1 MidBoss and 1 Boss Monster added.

■Time Attack Dungeon Added.
It is a special dungeon where you successfully complete the dungeon when you defeat the last boss in time.

When entering the Time Attack Dungeon, the time will start as soon as you defeat the monster at the starting point.
During Time Attack the time will appear on the center top of your screen.

【Time Attack Dungeon level limit and location】
Lair of Evil Dragon (Beginner):Lv60 Dungeon
Locate at Pluton Shrine Area 4, Lv50~90 are allow.

Lair of Evil Dragon (Expert): Lv120 Dungeon
Locate at Echochrome Area, Lv110~150 are allow

Frozen Labyrinth (Beginner): Lv150 Dungeon
Locate at Echochrome Area, Lv140~185 are allow

Frozen Labyrinth (Expert): Lv190 Dungeon
Locate at Echochrome Area, Lv180+ are allow

【Time Attack Dungeon Success and Fail】
If you successfully defeat the last boss on time, there will be a reward room portal.
There is 3 different room, the faster you complete the item drop amount will increase,
and can move to room with rare reward items.

If you fail to defeat the last boss in time will result in fail at Time Attack,
each map will create a portal for you to port outside the dungeon.
When every player leave the dungeon, it will automatically reset the dungeon, result in failing it.

【Time Attack Dungeon Reward Item】
In Time Attack Dungeon, they will drop Time Attack Dungeon Armor.
These Armor are more powerful and has special Enchant than general Armor.
These can be obtain from Reward Room and every monster inside the dungeon.

【Time Attack Dungeon related Quest】
Each Time Attack Dungeon has quests.
The following NPC has the quests.

Lair of Evil Dragon(Beginner): Elias Palace NPC Lv60+
Lair of Evil Dragon(Expert):Echochrome NPC Lv120+
Frozen Labyrinth(Beginner):Echochrome NPC Lv150+
Frozen Labyrinth(Expert):Echochrome NPC Lv190+

※Time Attack Dungeon related Caution
・There is a limit per day entering Time Attack Dungeon, it will reset every day between 4am to 5am.
・Time Attack Dungeon Armor has different enchant system to general Armor enchant, so each enchant option level will be differ to other item.
・Time Attack Dungeon Armor cannot be enchant anything but [XP Rate Option]
・When you refresh Time Attack Dungeon Armor Option, regardless if it was lv.1 or lv.3、
 it will change to Lv2, and gain option to the range of that level.
・During Time Attack Dungeon, you cannot use general Potion (such as Small Cherry Pot), you will be using [Dungeon Pot]

■Random Quest Added
New System Random Quest has been added. This is where every day you can obtain random quest, which gives you special items.
Obtain random quest and trading the item are done at Elias Palace NPC.

Random Quest are created in 20 Level of unit, can obtain new Random Quest list every day.
Also, Random Quest list will reset when one day pass, also when you complete the list,
Random Quest Progressing number will be reset.
Random Quest Progressing number will be reset every day between 4am to 5am.
Also, in one day you can complete up to 2 list, and can trade a reward item.

Daily Quest Complete 0/10
Random Quest Complete 0/2
※You can check you Random Quest by looking at the Quest Window.

■New Item Added
○Subclass 9 new special weapon are added.
New Special Weapon with Lv190+ can be equip with no Upgrade has been added,
High Upgrade level weapon can be obtain from monster drop.

○Subclass only mantle has been added.
Subclass's each Mastery level increase Mantle has been added to crafting.
Using [Intermediate Armor Kit], Subclass Mantle can be craft by [Skilled Refining]

○Lv190 Battle Equipment added.
Can be obtain from Monster drop or upgrading from lower level Armor.
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